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Do you deserve to create a digital workshop? Are you worried about how the viewers journey may be? What about virtual design thinking? Do you deserve to get it carried out? Like now? if you answered sure to 1 or more of these questions, support is at hand.

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My business—an answer issuer with a fully remote team of workers—isn’t any stranger to crafting digital workshops and practicing solutions for consumers. previous this yr, however, the tables have been grew to become. We had to put our adventure to the look at various and unexpectedly convert our design thinking workshop—which we name CoDesign™—right into a digital event.

We unexpectedly found ourselves within the shoes of our purchasers, asking the equal questions we hear them ask:

  • Will the nice of the journey be compromised if we make it digital?
  • Will people reveal up and be as engaged in the method as we are used to seeing?
  • How will we get all of it accomplished in time?

never ones to shy away from a challenge, we assembled a group and leveraged our collective potential and greatest practices [1]. If we dare say so, our new digital design considering workshop has matched, if now not surpassed, our in-person journey. And we discovered some issues along the way!

If this appears like a problem you are getting able to face, study on as we share our instructions learned and help you take your digital workshop design to the next level.

virtual design thinking

What Did The Pre-COVID-19 CoDesign Workshop seem like?

The CoDesign workshop brings L&D professionals, stakeholders, SMEs, and—most importantly—novices collectively via a creative and interesting adventure as they work throughout the 5 degrees of design considering: empathize, outline, ideate, prototype, and verify.

design thinking processvirtual design pondering is a tremendously collaborative and iterative system, through which discoveries and findings from one stage inform and have an impact on the next. Pre-pandemic, the live workshop usually ran for two to a few consecutive days to facilitate the momentum required to work via each and every stage.

while the agenda became intense—facilitators often worked during breaks and between sessions to doc and pull findings through to the next session—there changed into little question that working through all 5 stages in succession as a cohort become how to go. Our customer and interior teams both raved concerning the efficiencies gained as well because the best of the outcomes. We have been onto a winning components.

after which, alongside came COVID-19.


As a virtual business, it had always been in our longer-time period game plan to seriously change the CoDesign workshop right into a digital experience.

We had already started to determine and pilot activities that might translate smartly into a digital ambiance. but there become a excessive demand for the in-adult journey, and we were receiving notable remarks on it. the entire digital conversion became deliberate for later in the yr.

The pandemic shifted those priorities and accelerated the video game plan. We had two CoDesign experiences sold and no method to go back and forth. We crucial to take motion—and fast.


We understand how impactful virtual practicing experiences may also be—we quite actually wrote the ebook on it—however we still had reservations about how a success this transformation can be. could we create the equal immersive, collaborative, and fascinating journey as a virtual workshop, in record velocity?

It turns out we might. And we did. And the event obtained even improved.

The group wasted no time.

  • They all started through weighing alternate options for breaking the agenda down into smaller classes.
  • subsequent, they recognized and converted actions that would directly and easily transition to a digital school room.
  • Then, they tried out new equipment and materials for the more advanced activities.
  • at last, they examined the crew itself and what help it might want with the digital facilitation.

It was a rigorous pivot, and, after an intensive few weeks of ideation and prototyping, it changed into time to test. The crew ran inner periods with volunteers to pilot new tools and actions before operating their first absolutely digital journey with a consumer.

virtual experience


We’re delighted to share that our virtual CoDesign event has been a resounding success! Our crew all agreed: the brand new digital design considering workshop become an equally if now not more immersive, collaborative, and engaging event than our in-adult edition.

Let’s discover why, through 5 instructions realized that you should use to degree up your personal digital workshops.

designing a virtual workshop

5 lessons realized In Designing A virtual Workshop With digital considering Design

1. breaking up Or Extending The virtual Workshop could improve The adventure

We knew that we couldn’t maintain the workshop in its latest two-to-three-consecutive-day layout; we vital to damage it down into smaller periods. however we concerned that, by way of shifting the cadence, we’d affect the momentum and power we’d seen in our in-person workshops. We needn’t have worried.

The shift to digital gave the group the liberty to explore choice scheduling plans. may greater breathing room in the procedure add price? seems, the answer turned into sure.

in the digital design considering workshop, groups now take about every week to every week and a half to arrive on the Sketch step. The design team then works internally for about three days to create a prototype before reconvening for the Align step. The effect: our customer ends up with a more functional prototype that then accelerates creation.

2. You wouldn’t have To Take Your digital Workshop remodel On unexpectedly

Prioritize what you deserve to prioritize then come back to the relaxation later. a true “practising” event transformation regularly contains looking for tactics to either eliminate content and activities or movement them offline as part of a blended strategy. This time, we knew we needed to finished all 5 steps of the virtual design pondering workshop. Nothing can be skipped.

To make concerns extra advanced, we tailor our CoDesign journey to each audience’s want—which skill the leader’s ebook contains no fewer than 35 feasible actions with distinctive facilitation notes and participant guidance. We essential to prioritize.

virtual co designs

three. usher in again-Up, and make sure they have got What They need to Be a hit

Our facilitators are incredibly knowledgeable at running are living design considering workshops, but the advanced and nuanced virtual atmosphere changed into new for them.

The digital surroundings required new collaboration equipment—we’re now Mural superfans! virtual CoDesign additionally obligatory an extra role: a Producer. The Producer ensures all of the tools and expertise are prepped and able for the sessions—and helps members through any issues. together, the Facilitator and Producer stability keeping the viewers engaged with relocating the software forward and making connections from one digital workshop session to the next.

The crew additionally rewrote the chief’s guide for the digital design thinking experience to accommodate each the Facilitator and Producer roles. It now facets a “run sheet” of the program and a breakdown of steps for each and every function.

four. if you build It And Set Some Expectations, they will Come

CoDesign requires consistent, concentrated, and lively participation from all individuals normally. choices made in one step of the manner go on to inform everything that follows. Would people be able to decide to attending each and every and every session, and would they reside engaged if there were gaps in between?

The crew promptly discovered that environment the right expectations turned into gigantic—contributors needed to commit the time and be “plugged in.” When that came about, so did the magic; the crew discovered that members were more engaged in many cases.

One cause of here is that the Mural boards provide participants access to everything consistently—somebody who should be would becould very well be hesitant to get up and view a wall of publish-it notes at an on-web site can discover the entire assistance at their fingertips.

5. in no way cease enhancing: Take Time To mirror, Iterate, And Evolve Your virtual Workshop

identical to the iterative technique they’re facilitating, the crew at all times improves CoDesign with lessons learned from every session.

One important evolution: modular experiences that will also be leveraged right through any learning program answer design, if the entire CoDesign journey isn’t possible.

There’s no denying that design considering presents dazzling merits for gaining knowledge of solution design. we have considered improved and more learner-centric solutions, more suitable stakeholder and crew buy-in, and more suitable group engagement on account of our CoDesign adventure.

Our digital CoDesign brings delivered merits—more suitable engagement in the activities, more breathing room in the technique, and a extra purposeful prototype—which helps install the next levels of the venture for fulfillment.

and because the note gets out about digital design thinking and how it may also be used to create valuable, learner-centric options, demand is increasing. The SweetRush group has collaborated on nearly the same number of virtual CoDesign experiences as on-sites, in lower than a third of the time body.

virtual Design considering At Its finest

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[1] optimal Practices for immediately changing In-adult practising to useful virtual researching

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