A stroll via Seoul, South Korea in the Rain Has Been My Rescue

A Walk Through Seoul, South Korea In 4K

with the aid of Terry Heick

The COVID pandemic has modified many of our behaviors and norms as a society–one amazing alteration being an inclination to be and feel greater isolated.

notwithstanding the conception of ‘feeling isolated’ is a fancy one (surely neurologically-based mostly and for that reason viable at any time and never just all through an epidemic), it is as a minimum partly related to our potential to use the actual areas around us.

When that isn’t possible, we are trying to find digital skill–video clips, movies, and social media, for example. however more regularly than Netflix, right through the closing year, (in addition to reading) I’ve grew to become greater to digital truth, Google Earth, and YouTube videos.

here’s a ninety-minute stroll via Seoul, South Korea within the rain. There isn’t any speaking or scene edits or narrative–simply the experience of going in other places and being in other places and notice somewhere else all whereas surrounded via people who aren’t truly there. It’s a extremely surreal thing we take as a right in the 21st-century.

I had my babies use Google Earth to trace the man’s running event and a part of that turned into using landmarks from the video to determine his area but you don’t deserve to create a researching mix through mixture gaining knowledge of. The thought is digital circulation through physical areas–to ‘discuss with’ areas, for now, through a reveal: jogging via an alley with small eating places as a sort of witness, the sound of rain on the umbrella a soothing rhythm of its own.

A ninety-Minute walk through Seoul, South Korea within the Rain

using Google Earth To ‘shuttle’

Of course, the big thought right here is move. Connecting–some of the instinctive primary human drives. So it’s now not constrained to going for walks or cities. How about a in the back of the scenes tour of the Grand Palais in Paris, France using Google Earth?

Snow Falling In A Bulgarian Village In 4K

Or looking at hours of a dusk snow fall over a snowy village in Bozhentsi, Bulgaria?

A 60 Minute Drone Flight Over The Alps

which you could take hour ‘flights’ throughout the Alps, too: